nr. 32 / 1 tetor 2002




Unparalleled crimes in the little Albania

There is no other place in the world where you can find facts as tragic as in Albania. Condemnation falls on all those who have anticommunist ideals and act as such. In the little Albania more than 25 400 people have been condemned of over 20 years of prison, during the dictatorship system of Enver Hoxha, without including the interned and those deprived of the most basic rights and frees. The communist system has fired out 153 only amongst priests, after 1967. The strangest thing is that the criminals were not condemned even after 1990, when the democracy came in Albania, until 1996, when the Democratic Party was forced to give up the power under the pressure of guns, murders and gangs. Obviously the Democratic Party had no previous experience, coming after a hard dictatorship, while the social-communists still on power, managing the anarchy and revenge, had the experience of the economic power. Many are the dead, violated, condemned, as victims of this government. 43 000 innocent people have been killed in Albania since 1997 on. The discriminating, revenging politics stroke the successors of the former political dissidents of Enver Hoxha’s times. This was the same for the anticommunist Luan Pjetėr Shkreli from Shkodra, who was sought after to be eliminated by the groups of the security of state. A few years ago, the police shot on Senahi Gjeka, along with his wife and children, in their bed, and despite the protests of the anticommunist Association “2 Prilli 1991”, the local authorities of Shkodra and Malėsi e Madhe, forcing to find out the authors, nothing was done, just silence. The former President of Republics, Rexhep Meidani has received lots of petitions, yet without answer, filling the folders of the criminal state.

During the funeral of Deputy Azem Hajdari, on September 14, 1998, killed in front of the Democratic Party’s seat, Luan Shkreli like many other anticommunists was beaten and menaced to be shot. Luan’s life is still in danger, for Ndoc Marash Shkreli, his grandfather, was an all over Albania famous anticommunist, killed by the forces of the security of state on 1952, while Pjetėr Dedė Malocaj, his mother’s father, was fired out with the group of Prekė Cali, the man who participated in the establishment of the Albania’s borders. Pjetėr Dedė Malocaj, Prekė Cali and other twelve anticommunists were fired out near to the river Kiri on the Palm Sunday of 1945.

The democrat Luan Shkreli, as well as many other young Albanians have been forced to leave Albania, in order to save their life, although their forerunners gave their lives, blood, properties and everything for this Albania. This is the little Albania of unparalleled crimes.

Flori Slatina


The crime in Albania has institutional basis

The crime phenomenon is part of the democratic society. But the paradox is that in the post-communist Albania, the state’s institutions are founded in crime. Let’s remind of 1997, while the power was usurped by the battles of gangs, starting in Lushnja, following in Valona and so on all over Albania. Those who led the rebellions, murders and violence are these same power keepers of today. The independent and the opposition’s press, no matter the troubles they went through, dared to mention the names of Fatos Nano, Skėnder Gjinushi, Namik Dokle, Gramoz Ruēi, Arben Imami etc. as organizers of armed groups. The politicians and the institutions of the state suffered no harm, but the Albanian democracy was heavily beaten, the fundamental rights and freedoms were severely touched, as well as the personal property and that of the state. It also was a knock down to the perspective and the trust of the western countries for the progress and the good intention of the Albanian politics to make Albania join the big European family.

The 203 policemen killed during their service in these last five years, and the missing of arrests and condemnations for this reason, speaks of the state managing the crime, for the policeman is the image of law.

The Albanians aspiring for democracy have been fired out by the gangs of the state, they are imprisoned, beaten, or filling the lists of death. We say this with a loud voice, with facts. The democrat Aldis Xhevat Sokoli, born on March 17, 1977, although having problems of blood-feud, was many times threat to be fired out if not giving up his democratic convictions. This young guy, as well as many of his friends, who want an Albania without dictatorship, corruption, political, racial and ethnic discrimination, participated in the peaceful demonstrations and protests organized by the Democratic Party, as following the democrat leader dr. Prof. Sali Berisha. Aldis Sokoli suffered violence in the funeral of the Deputy Azem Hajdari on September 14, 1998. That same day, many friends of Aldis have been beaten and 165 were arrested, accused for coup ?tat, which came out to nothing. This state uses violence if you don’t think as they want, if you disapprove their injustice, putting you in the lists of death, as it happened to Aldis Sokoli, or journalists of “Shqipėria Etnike” like Vasel Gilaj and Klajd Kapinova. Our journalist Klajd Kapinova, facing these pressures, had to leave Albania, just like the democrat Aldis Sokoli, living now somewhere abroad in order to save their life.

Desantila Berati


Kujtim Ferhati, from dictatorship to dictatorship

The family of the Albanian democrat Kujtim Ferhati is a model for suffering crimes. He was discriminated during the regime of Enver Hoxha. His uncle Osman Zeka escaped from Albania in 1950, and for many years, Kujtim Ferhati and his family were named “Enemies” of the communist power. With the braking down of that system in 1990, this family was involved in installing democracy. Kujtim Ferhati and his relatives have spent a lot, even risking their life. Kujtim himself was an active participant in the efforts to pull down the bust of Stalin on January 14, 1990, the bust of Enver Hoxha on December 13, 1990, in the protests of April 2, 1991, where four citizens of Shkodra were killed, 163 wounded and hundreds of others suffered violence, one of whom was even Kujtim Ferhati. He was also present in the funerals of the democrat Deputy Azem Hajdari on September 14, 1998, where he suffered rubber sticks, and kicks from the anarchist Albanian police. In 1997, when the communist gangs caused the democratic power to fall, with guns, the democrats Arjan Mehmetaj, Mark Lazri, Kujtim Ferhati, Agron Mehmetaj, risked their life to defend the institutions of the state. It is known that many democrats, who tried to defend the institutions of the state, were killed. In this case, the communist gangs burned up the house of Mark Lazri.

These communist beasts, that kill and terrorize the democrats every day, are still searching these persons and others, to condemn them, just because they are democrats. The honest Albanians are courageously facing the provocations. Those who see themselves near to the tomb, are forced to leave their country, their relatives and go abroad in western countries, and such is the case above mentioned. Ina few words, the true democrats who suffered violence during the regime of Enver Hoxha, are still noticeably facing violence.

Vasel Gilaj


The structures of the state chasing and persecuting the democrats of Malėsi

The sons of the former communists, violently back on power, after the armed Bolshevik revolution of 1997, are still chasing and persecuting systematically the democrats of Malėsi and all those who have different convictions. This is what happened to dozens of members and activists of the Democratic Party and the right winged forces in the area of Malėsi in these last Description: D:\gazeta\Shqipėria Etnike\internet\she32\arbenhaxhaj.jpg12 years of transition. Killed, tortured and obliged to leave their birthplace - this is the result of the discriminating politics of the new communists, especially in these last 6-7 years of government. This is what happened to the democrat Arben Dodė Haxhaj, from Bajza of Kastrat, born on September 19, 1975. He was born and grown in a family of patriots and opponents to the regime of Enver Hoxha. Arben and all the members of the family have joined the progressive forces, since the beginning of the democratic changes. During all that period, they have been helping and supporting the candidates of the Democratic Party either in local or parliamentary elections. As involved in the structures of the Democratic Party, as an activist with the youth of the village, Arben was put on the target of the special police structures of the state, since 1999-2000. They used every kind of pressure, in order to stop his political activity. Though having no motivation, on September 20, 2002, two vehicles of the police district of Koplik, have surrounded his house looking for guns and narcotic plants. Even though he didn’t protest, but only asked the motive of the violent actions of the police, Arben was beaten by two plainclothes detectives, who were part of the special forces fighting crime, coming from the police district of Shkodra. With the excuse of inspecting for narcotic plants, they let the dog loose, which bit him on the left leg under the knee, causing him to faint. For a few days he had to cure the wound at the health centre of the village, but the sings of the bite are still on his leg. The provocations, anonymous letters and phone calls with death threats were increasing toward Arben and his family, especially toward his father Dodė Nikoll Haxhaj, his mother Luēe and his brother Leon.

As the psychological pressure was increasing, especially the days after the inspection at the house and the threats that made Arben feel more unsafe for his life, he found as the only way out, the departure from Albania, going in an occidental democratic country, where life and freedom is protected by law. Even today, agents of SIS, police and other structures of the state still keep on doing phone calls threatening Arben and the members of his family, who still live in Albania, perhaps trying to make even them leave their country, as they are known as definitely in opposition with the actual governing forces. This is one of the methods, besides the murders, imprisonments and inhuman tortures, the sons of the former communists use to eliminate their adversaries and strengthen their criminal power in Albania. Arben and dozens of other from Malėsi might never come back near by their families, as their life in Albania is always threatened by the organized crime and the Mafia that lays down the law in Albania of the new century. Arben and his family had much pressure, threatening phone-calls, forcing him to leave the country, just to save his life. Rifat Ymeri

The persecution on the family Balaj

The neo-communist dragon is increasing the politic revenge, the terror on democrat people who want a civilize society in the post-communist Albania. Watch the picture of the family Balaj. The three children of Fadil and Vjollca Balaj are smiling and happy, but they don’t know that the Albanian politics has condemned their parents. They are condemned not just discriminating them, but also menacing them of death. Alban, Ardit and Era are not able yet to understand the sufferings of their parents and the consequences of the terror used by their state! We don’t want to mention again the persecution used by the regime of Enver Hoxha, neither want to stop analyzing the sufferings of Fadil Balaj, who worked in difficult sectors of geology from 1979 till 1990. On January 24, 1984, after he fell from a height of 13 meters, while working, he neither received help by the state, but after he was cured he was sent to a more difficult sector of geology. There is a complete accuse against this state, when we speak with facts and loud voice that the democrat Fadil Balaj, since 1992 could make his business, but the political gangs destroyed it on 1997, when the communists took the guns and usurped the state they still today keep. Just like many other businessmen, Fadil Balaj was fined, menaced, and there was an attempting to kidnap his children. Nothing else remained him but to sell everything he owned to go in western countries, in order to save his life and his family.

There are many facts like this in Albania, and our journal, as a platform of the free intellectual Albanian opinion will constantly deal with them. We met the good Albanian Fadil Balaj in a western country, while the Albanians were having a cultural activity there. He and many others had tears of nostalgia for their country, and were very interested on the situation in Albania, giving no space to ask them anything. Something very interesting is noticeable: These emigrants are able to familiarize very soon to the conditions of the life in western countries.

Our question is: How long does it take to the Albanian politics to be educated with the spirit of parity and respect for the human rights?!

Sokol Pepushaj


The young democrat Robert Lekaj forced to leave his country for his insecure life

By the end of 1950, because of the pressures on Prel Zef Lekaj used by the communist power of Tirana, Prel, along with his son Zef were forced to escape from Albania toward Yugoslavia and then in the USA were they died. Prel’s wife, Drande, was left alone with 4 children and one of them was Mark Lekaj. In July 1951 was born Antonjeta, the last child, while her mother was in prison. For 50 years the family of Prel Zef Lekaj suffered the most barbaric treatment. They were deprived of all their rights, with 50 years of imprisonments and internments, while their properties were sequestrated. This same treatment was for all the Albanian families who had their members escaped from Albania.

After 1990, with the democracy in Albania, the family of the late Prel Zef Lekaj was having some liberty to breath, helped by the Democratic Party.

With the proposal of the association of the political imprisoned, Mr. Mark Prel Lekaj is admitted in the police department of Shkodra as a police officer. The last two years he worked hard observing the law as the chief of antiterrorism and against drugs.

The people who were “condemned” for cultivating drugs wanted compensation after Mr. Mark Lekaj was dismissed without any motivation, by the social-communists, violently back on power in 1997. These irresponsible people dare to threat the life to Mr. Mark Lekaj and his only son, Mr. Robert Mark Lekaj. On September 14, 1998, the day of the funeral of the democrat Deputy Azem Hajdari, Mark was ill-treated by the police coming out with fractures and treated hidden. For this insecurity of life he is forced to leave his country and go in another. Those people names are not made public, for there might be greater troubles for Mr. Mark Prel Lekaj.

Bukurije Hysenukaj


The KLA headquarters is searching those who deserted during the war

By some information we have, some of the former highest leaders of the headquarters of KLA, some of whom work with the UNMIK forces have made a list of those who deserted during the war. We come to know that Pal Nik Doēi, born on September 5, 1962, from Pristine, is wanted. He was enlisted in the Yugoslavian army in 1985 in Tivar, and accused to be enlisted in the Yugoslavian UDB. He joined KLA in March 1998 and deserted on September 25, 1998. Along with his group of five people, he was in charge of discovering a Serb police post. After discovering the armament and the equipment he reported to his commanders of KLA, and received a second order to destroy it, but refused, for too dangerous for his life and his group. Two days after their refusal to obey the command, they receive the arrest order. They were accused to be agents of UDB, as they were catholic. Being afraid of a condemnation, Pal Nik Doēi is forced to leave Kosovo on September 1998. Many leaders of the KLA have acted violently committing crimes and tortures toward all those who disobeyed. The KLA wants him, while the international forces are investigating on those people who committed crimes opposition.

Zef Nika


Blood-feud is an enlarging plague

In the Albanian state the laws are not working. The Canon is being observed, and the reconciling associations are doing the work of the courts, prosecutors and investigators. The case of the citizen of Shkodra, Selim Bushati, is one of those. His family suffered the blood-feud consequences. On June 13, 1999, his son is shot dead by people who wanted to take revenge. The killer was identified, according to the police information, and he is V. Dizdari. The law is still inefficient, and the revenge goes on in individual basis. Selim Bushati decides to take revenge and is wounded, while attempting to avenge his son, 6-7 months ago. Selim Bushati is now forced to live shut in and his other son of 13 years old cannot go to school. There are many children in the region of Shkodra, deprived from the right of education, just because the older ones commit murders like in medieval times, and the laws don’t work.

Esat Ymeri


The politic murders and crime give a hard time to the life and future of Kosovo

Although two years passed since the establishment of the international  administration of Kosovo, the security there is still weak. Over 11.000 are killed, 4.000 vanished, 550 massive tombs, 200.000 houses destroyed and the fact of the growing political crime are discouraging. There are people forced to leave the country because of the insecurity by the Mafias groups acting against people and families who refused the military Yugoslavian system during all their life. One of the many who left is Paulin Kaceli, born on September 11, 1968 in Peja. He participated in the mass demonstrations of 1991. Since then he was sought after by the agents of the Serb secret police. His house was always supervised. They couldn’t catch him although many times tried to. His family suffered tortures. As they didn’t find Paulin at home, used violence on the family and his wife, Landi in the presence of her little child and other members of the family. Leaving his daughter and parents he left Kosovo in August 1998, as we are told by his friends in Peja. The future of Kosovo is still unclear, the economy is destroyed and the political crime makes harder not only their life but also the future of Kosovo. According to the information we have, more than 28 to 32 different foreign services work there and the Serbs amongst them. Every day the activists of the liberty of Kosovo are executed and the police and UNMIK are unable to prevent the political murders.

Zef Nika


The democrats are still being arrested in Albania

Albania is still the country of big problems. The Albanian politic mafia is increasing day by day. Many democrats well known as unyielding anticommunists are being sought after by the forces of SIS. Hilė Shllaku, member of the DP, famous for his disagreement with the socialist system, was under search. He had tried to emigrate. According to the information we have as a journal, in these last days, a careful search is being done in the Airport of Rinas, where the democrat Hilė Shllaku, from the village Darragjat of Shkodra, was arrested. The Airport’s stuff has been changed many times, in order to establish the people faithful to the system. Mr. Hilė Shllaku thus, coming for the funeral of his mother, was arrested by the forces of SIS, as soon as he stepped down from the airplane. Hilė Shllaku had participated in the anticommunist association “13 Dhjetori”, in the protests of January 14, 1990, December 13, 1990, and April 2, 1991. He was present in the funeral of the Deputy Azem Hajdari on September 14, 1998. The police had attempted many times to arrest him, before he left Albania to go in Italy. For this reason, the family Shllaku felt forced to send their son Eduart Shllaku, born on May 17, 1982, to emigrate in a state where he might feel secure and not menaced day and night just like his father and his family. This made him miss his parents, family, relatives and friends in the village Darragjat of Dajē in Shkodra. The insecure life forced him to leave Albania, without enjoying the ears of youth in his country.

Zef Nika